6 Quick Tips for Creating a Video Series on a Budget

By June 23, 2020March 7th, 2022Video Editing

We all know the holy grail of the perfect marketing strategy is- video content. The process of creating a video series is exciting and fun which can be a remarkable milestone in your company’s marketing campaign.

Why choose video marketing you ask?

– 97% marketers claim it’s the best platform for your product
– 81% of companies already use video marketing successfully- so, why would you want to be left behind?
– 90% of purchases are driven through video marketing campaigns. How cool is that?

The most common misconception about video is that people believe that it’s crazy expensive. Well, let us burst your bubble for good! Video is the only method that has the most conversion rate- even when you’re on a shoestring budget.

Here are some tips to create an effective video within your budget!

1. Don’t over-complicate the process

You don’t need pricey equipment to produce a high quality video. Your next 1080p high quality video equipment is right in your pocket! You can record your video on your phone, highly likely that you can also edit your video on your phone, that too without any fancy software! As long as your video doesn’t compromise in quality, has all the important branding details and is posted on the right platforms, you’re good to go! All you need is simple lighting, good recording device and a platform to edit.

2. Analyze and recognize your resources

When planning your video, it’s essential to jot down what you can include and more importantly, what you can’t include in your video! Be realistic about your resources and analyze your limitations. In case of major hindrances, it’s recommended you come up with creative and authentic solutions. As long as you have a unique approach and a defined style to your content, you’re sure to pop out from the rest!

3. Create content you can repurpose

It’s important to create content that you can share and publish on various platforms without adding a hefty price tag for reworking on the same content! Got an awesome blog? Why not turn it into a cool Instagram post! Shooting your marketing video? Use those behind the scenes as your next Instagram story. Better yet, go live on Facebook while shooting!

4. Hire a small crew

When you hire a small and dedicated crew, you ensure that everyone is on the same page! Your Video Production team becomes a lot easy to handle and coordinate with as everyone is working towards achieving the collective goal. Hold a small meeting to ensure everything is in place for the shoot! Also, don’t micromanage your dept. heads, let their creativity flow. Dictating every move of your team wastes time and might create conflicts.

5. Pick the perfect location

Ensure that the location you have picked doesn’t act as a hurdle for capturing sound or lighting for your video. You don’t want to scram around a few hours before the shoot trying to find a new location because the one which you selected didn’t have adequate lighting. There are also high possibilities of things that could go wrong, so have your photographer analyze the location and be prepared for any last moment hurdles. If the location doesn’t require extra light, it’s likely that it will save you the cost of extra lighting!

6. Preplan your script

Whichever type of video you’re shooting, it’s important to have a solid script before you jump into shooting-mode! Gather your actors or teammates for a reading session to see if everything sounds alright. If it’s an interview series, send those questions, answers, points that need to be covered. Remember, it’s always better to have more lines, more footage than inadequate footage.

Pre-planning is the key when it comes to shooting effectively. Ensure that the checklist has been followed through correctly in order to avoid any last moment surprises. Video production done with the wrong company can definitely leave a big dent in your wallet. Creating a low cost video isn’t rocket science! As long as you know what you want and are looking at the right places.
Learn how to script here.

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