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Creating a consistent image for your brand sprouts from the rooted values of the company. What does your company bring to the table? Is your company innovative, cool, often ahead of the game like ours? Do you offer the best perks? How does your ideal client perceive your company? A good company culture acts as a catalyst to your hiring potential. It sets strong expectations for both your employee and your client. Let us put it in simpler terms: it’s a lot like a dating profile! Times have really changed and people love to work and interact with companies with strong set of values. A company culture video can help you highlight your brand’s personality. It will excite your audience to do business and interact with your company.

Why are company culture videos important? We thought you’d never ask!

– They build brand loyalty and provide a consistent brand affinity
– Broadens your audience
– Enhances the quality of recruitment and connects well with your future employees
– Boosts team morale
– Direct way of communicating office work culture

A great spot for posting your company culture videos is your website home page and also under the About Us section. If you’re a service-based company, company culture videos help people understand the benefits of working with your company. (Show people what they’re missing out on!) Social media platforms are great tools for showcasing behind the scenes of what your company stands for to just the right audience. Customer acquisition ventures can be fulfilled by emailing the company culture videos in your welcome new member’s mail or even the monthly newsletter! New subscribers often don’t know what goes on behind the scenes or even what the company stands for. These videos give them a peek until they’re on the path to becoming your customer!

Various types to choose from

About Page Videos

This friendly and fun method serves the purpose of sharing your brand origin story. The philosophy of the company can be easily communicated. This type of video can be used to highlight any accomplishments, impressive achievements, awards and notable contributions. It’s an amazing method to compress all the complex details about your brands in an easy to comprehend manner! Putting human faces and profiles of various team leaders also resonates with your audience.

Workplace Culture Videos

It’s a common myth that these videos are just targeted towards your future employees! While in reality, this video gives you an opportunity to showcase your cool workspace, the dedication of the team members, and the work ethics followed by your fellow teammates in a light hearted manner. A prospective client would obviously want to know what goes on behind those doors. It’s important to keep these videos conceptual. To make the best workplace culture video, take the real life elements and tune them up with humour! You can shoot a live action motion graphic video, a talking head video, or get your employees to film small vlogs which can be clipped together describing their daily work routines!

Holiday Videos

This is just the right tool that helps you get creative with your teammates! Burst out your fancy decorations and clothes for the Christmas party coming right up the corner, or your team’s New Year tradition. Maybe you can film that potluck that your company organizes on its Birthday! Holiday Videos are a hit on social media and attracts engagement and exposure! These videos help your company stay relevant with the trends.

HR and Recruitment Videos

Just as the name suggests, this video is for your future employees. Paint an accurate picture of the company you are so that it appeals to your ideal candidate further intriguing them to work with you. This will drive applications from people who will gel in well with your current team, saving you from that HR nightmare!

Behind the Scenes Videos

Show what your company is really about! Giving people an exclusive tour makes you relevant to your viewers. It’s recommended that this type of video is shot in the rawest form and without a script. Have a manufacturing unit? Why don’t you show your audience the dedication that goes into making their favourite product?

You asked for it, so we’re simply giving you the peek into-
How to make the right company culture video?

1. Write down your goal0
2. Determine and analyze your audience
3. Choose your format
4. Write your script
5. Get your team together and add personal touches

Bonus tips from our video production team!

– Show your company’s personality! Be Real.
– Throw in some humour and be funny!
– Tap into pop cultures and pick out elements to add into your videos.
– Tell an engaging story.
– DON’T TRY TO SELL! – You’re here to showcase your values and not push your sales!
– Add some music.

Company culture videos add a great value to your brand’s image. Communication Crafts, being a seasoned video production agency knows just the right way to help you script, shoot and direct your company culture video. Get ahead of your competitors by giving your brand a much deserved video! Stay relevant and resonate with masses with this tool. All the cool kids are doing it, you should too!

Let’s give justice to your workplace tradition- the coolest way possible!
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