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We know it, video production is tricky- it’s not an average Joe’s task to make the perfect video. Sure, you’re worried you’ll screw up but that doesn’t mean you stop experimenting with it. With advanced tools available to edit and create awesome videos, you too can make a professional looking video. And whenever you feel you’re stuck, we’re just a consultation away to get you your perfectly crafted videos.

Here are some cool video effects for could use in your next video

1. Acidic effect

This quirky, bold and colorful effect is one of the most popular effects used widely. This video effect can be added to newsletters, brochures and social media posts. Let’s say you’re hosting a podcast on your website and you want to post a video regarding the podcast. This effect is ideal for that! It’s bright and colorful nature will keep your viewers engaged.

Ideal for: Fun marketing campaigns

2. Vibrancy

When you add the filter of using similar color of your current video, you work wonders with its vibrancy. This way, you get an overall intense effect in your video. Your text is bound to stand out when you use this video effect!

Ideal for: Fashion and food videos

The meme effect

It’s quite evident from its name what this effect does. Meme effect is a fun and and engaging effect to add to your video. It’s quite simple! You put a funny video or an image in the centre and add a text, joke or a funny saying on the top and the bottom. It’s quite similar to the letter box video. These are usually created just for fun and keeps you trending.

Ideal for: Social media video

The Diagonal text

Adding text has always been a key element to keeping your video more engaging. Oftentimes people prefer to mute their audio while they play a video or its auto playing on mute. This video effect gets your message across in an impactful manner. It also gives your content a fresher look. How to do this? Well, ungroup your text blocks and spin the text slightly.

Ideal for: Social media videos and vibrant marketing campaigns

Split screen videos

As the name suggests, split screen video splits your video into two screens, one would be the video or even an image and the second screen would be your background text. It’s an awesome video effect to add when you want to highlight big chunks of text.

Ideal for: Educational videos. If you want to add facts and stats, this one is the best video effect for it. Culinary, real-estate, lifestyle etc. should also experiment with this one.

Neon light text

This effect gives your video a special glow and a unique identity to it. This eye catchy video effect adds a quaint aesthetic to your content. Ever shot a beautiful sunset? Why not put a great motivational quote on the video!? Wanna take it up a notch? Make the font look similar to a neon shop sign!

Ideal for: Instagram and your website! Announce news and different offers through this effect

Picture in video

This video effect makes your video a little bit more personal! Due to maximum amount of visual cues, it makes your video more informative. Here the possibilities are endless. You can add multiple still images, play with the creative elements and also include your watermark and logo to take your brand awareness up a notch.

Ideal for: Announcing a new event, a launch, highlighting its guest speakers.
Video quotes
Quotes are very powerful marketing instrument. A small survey suggests that Twitter users who tweet quotes have 43% more followers than users who don’t. If you want your visual quote to stand out and look more appealing, then turn it into a video! Simply add quotation marks and a colored background to your quote!

Ideal for: Inspirational and motivational quotes

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Video effects are often known for enhancing your viewer engagement. When you experiment with different video effects, you will eventually find your ideal effect! Anyone can add video effects and play with them, so don’t restrict yourself! Online platforms and even modern software enable such effects. As a video production company, we know the importance of the perfect video. With over 1500 videos produced for international clients, our experts are abreast with the latest trends, styles and innovations in the field of video production and even post production.

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