Common Video Marketing Myths Debunked

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The rapid influx of video as a marketing tool has changed the rules of engagement with the consumer completely. Since videos provide us with more creative freedom, they are gaining popularity from content creators and content consumers alike. Video content marketing has become an essential cog in the marketing mechanics of agencies and companies across the web and digital ecosystem.

Since video content marketing has gained popularity, it has given way to many myths around the production and creation of marketing videos. But the success and wide usage of videos in the marketing and advertising world is busting these myths every single day.

A video marketing company plays a huge role in creating the right quality of content to reach out to most amount of viewers. ‘Viral’ is a widely used term today for popular content in a certain time period. A video marketing agency works towards making viral video marketing content to woo the consumers into buying their products and services.

There are a few myths and misconceptions about video marketing that are doing rounds across all industries. Let’s clear a few of them up for you.

‘Video creation takes quite some time’

This is a huge misconception among businesses and organizations that videos take quite a lot of time to create and produce due to inclusion of animations, graphics and text. On the contrary, due to the huge presence of mobile devices and advancement of camera technology on mobile devices, it’s simpler to create and produce videos. Modern softwares provide huge help in creating videos too. They help in editing and producing videos in the shortest amount of type. You can add animations, effects and graphics in a jiffy to create awesome video content.

Businesses need to have clear vision about their product, which is then polished by video marketing companies to create good quality content marketing videos.

That vision or idea can be empowered with the usage of videos and animation so that the message is delivered in attractive and pinpoint way to the consumer.

‘Videos aren’t affordable’

This is one of the most popular myths about video content marketing. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, video creation and production is becoming more affordable every passing day. The sole purpose of video marketing services is to provide cost effective video content creation without compromising on video and creative quality.

Videos can be shot on mobile phones today due to cutting edge camera technology and there is an extensive range of video editing and production software at our disposal which provide us more creative freedom to express our ideas in the ways we want.

Repurposing and recycling video content helps in making it cost effective and more usable. The same video content can be used on different video sharing and social media platforms with great effect if used the right way. Shorter duration videos are gaining popularity on the internet as the attention span of the consumer is decreasing day by day. Shorter duration videos are furthermore affordable and hence are preferred by most video marketing agencies.

There are video solutions that abide to every budget and this is where video marketing agencies provide their expertise and guidance to get the maximum out of a certain budget.

‘The ROI of video content cannot be tracked’

There is an extensive range of marketing software at our disposal to provide video metrics now. The engagement of consumers to video content can now be tracked, providing a better solution to tracking the ROI of video content marketing.

Video analytics have the power to track views, conversion ratios and attention spans of consumers on each and every video. It provides organizations the power to improve and make their content better.

Platforms like YouTube provide us with detailed video analytics and metrics that can track views, clicks, conversion ratios and lead or sales generation on a product or service. YouTube uses the power of Google to provide extensive data that helps in observing and tracking ROI of your video content.

‘Videos are hard to find, so there is no point’

Over 75 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every single minute, businesses believe that it makes it almost impossible for their video content to reach viewers and potential consumers. This is where video content marketing comes into the frame.

The purpose of video marketing agencies is to create content that reaches the maximum amount of viewers in the minimum amount of time. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet after Google. Viewers search for particular kind of content.

The key is to making content that the consumers wants to see. Video marketing companies provide expertise is this are of marketing.

Another aspect of video content marketing is promoting your content on social media and video sharing platforms. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram give you the ability to promote and shoot your content to more viewers that can result in better conversion rates and more lead generation.

Maintaining digital presence in today’s world has become essential for businesses and organizations. Videos make up for more than one-third of total content being created on the internet. That makes it furthermore important to make your video content stand out. There are various myths and misconceptions about video content that makes it difficult for businesses to delve into that territory of marketing. Video content marketing becomes a very important part of the marketing world as it helps create awareness and eases the process of video content creation and production for marketing purposes.

The time to explore the territory of video content marketing is now.

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