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By May 1, 2020March 7th, 2022Social Media Video
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As a leading video production company, we swear by video marketing strategies for increasing brand awareness! The holy grail of the perfect marketing campaign is video and there is no doubt about that! Whether it is showcasing your new product line, launching a new feature or showcasing your company culture- brand awareness videos are a go to! Brand identity videos consist of visually appealing elements and aesthetics true to your company’s values. These corporate brand videos increase brand loyalty by staggering rates.

Here are some fascinating facts on brand awareness videos

– Your website is 53 times more likely to end up on the front page of Google search with a video attached to it!
– Videos bring 300% more traffic to any platform, especially click rates on videos attached in emails
– Organic search traffic on website goes up by 157% with video content
– 85% of consumers want more video content from brands
– 65% of consumers are guaranteed to make a purchase after watching branded videos on social media platforms

Let’s not stop at awing over these facts- Here’s how you can make the perfect brand awareness videos!

Showcase your brand through explainer video

Get your audience to connect with your story! That’s what explainer videos do the best- they explain! With easy and efficient communication and narration, explainer videos help your audience understand everything. The basic function of these videos is to communicate your vision very clearly! The easy interpretation and no guesswork makes it extremely simple for your audience to connect to the message you’re sending across. The solid script and the engaging visuals take the cake and make it the perfect pitch. The sense of trust is drastically increased when they create a connection with your company through explainer videos.

Answer common questions

Sounds silly right? We recommend you to create videos that answer common questions. With an increasing amount of people resorting to videos to learn about topics, it would work in the favour of your company to produce such videos. Showcase and highlight your brand by making videos that give actionable advice and clear cut solutions. This is a simple method to display your expertise in the concerned field! We have done it a lot of times for our clients and every video has worked wonders for them.

Let’s say you’re a video production company– how do you create brand awareness? You simply make a video on ‘how to make the best explainer videos’, with a solid script and great graphics and you’re all set to boost up those numbers.

Attract viewers through brand videos on multiple platforms

What are brand videos you ask? These videos are filled with all the elements that make up your company! Brand identity videos ought to have visually attractive graphics that captivate your audience within the first few seconds of the video. These videos can be great as pre-rolled ads or videos on YouTube. Video tailoring for the right audience creates a huge impact on the overall brand awareness. On Vimeo, due to its niche and professional viewers, you can have just the right audience viewing your content- taking the consumer company bond to another level.

The formula?

Your company values + great script+ mind blowing graphics = Skyrocket results!

PS- Thank us later

Intrigue your audience with fun, small and quirky social media videos

These super fun and easy to consume videos are our favourite way of increasing brand awareness for a company. Social media videos have a great scope when it comes to being shared amongst their viewers. The vertical, horizontal and square format compatibility can be used for diverse types of videos. Grabbing your audience’s attention without audio is still possible! Instead use compelling caption, thumbnails and graphics to work as an advantage for you. It’s important to have a consistent presence on social media, thus it is crucial to post using its spectrum of features such as IGTV, stories, in feed videos and even live videos! The more the viewers, the better the brand awareness!

Spreading the word, the name or the logo? Emphasis should always be put on what you represent even when there’s no name associated!

We are known for boosting the brand awareness of our clientele though the most effective videos. Communication Crafts, being a champion of video production knows how important it is for a company to emphasize on brand awareness. The possibilities of these videos are endless- Whether it an explainer video or a live action video, or even a social media video, these videos guarantee an amazing ROI for your cost and time. Appeal to your target audience and grow those viewers exponentially when you start shooting with us!

Let’s boost those viewers up!
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