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Explainer videos have become a key element of showcasing brand information for organizations all over the world. They make first hand contact with customers and clients simpler and more effective. Explainer videos help you share your vision about your product and services to the world and how those products and services will make life simpler for anyone availing them. Rather than reading long manuals and brochures, customers prefer seeing short explainer videos instead. It is essential to keep your explainer videos short and crisp and the message should be absolutely bang on, which provides complete satisfaction to the viewers. Most of the explainer videos are based on the widely acclaimed ‘Magic Bullet’ theory which says the ideas should be extremely penetrative and should make their place permanently into the minds of the viewers. Explainer videos need to be executed to perfection. Halfhearted explainer videos hardly see the light of the day since they fail to impress and connect with consumers.

The biggest and most influencing brands around the globe know the utmost importance of explainer videos and their great impact on people. Due to this reason, all the mammoth organizations have their own set of excellent explainer videos that help them maintain a great relationship with their expansive user base and customers.

Animated content has become the most widely used form of content for creating explainer videos today. Animations provide a great aesthetic and make videos more appealing and easier on the eye. The biggest of the brands now rely on animation when creating explainer videos for their users and consumers. The best explainer videos are within 2 minutes and have a uniform flow. Sound and narration are also extremely crucial elements of making explainer videos.

Let’s look into a few great examples of explainer videos made by some of the biggest organizations in the world.

Works with Nest:

Nest is a subsidiary of Google LLC that creates home automation products for residential use. The motive of Google Nest is to make every single home into a smart, self-reliant home. This explainer video is one of the best explainer videos from the past decade. The pastel animations and smooth narration combine to form an informative and appealing package as a whole. Something as complicated as home automation is explained is a very simple and aesthetic manner. This is the whole purpose of home automation isn’t it? Clearing the clutter and making daily tasks simple and uncomplicated. Google Nest mirrors their products and services with their own explainer video, which itself is simple and makes the subject uncomplicated. Isn’t that smart?

G Suite:

The G Suite is an application ecosystem created by Google that makes functioning of a workplace simpler. In this explainer video, they very effectively portray how the G Suite with its cross platform and intra-app connectivity, makes every aspect of a workplace efficient and convenient. Google has its own ecosystem of apps such as Mail, Drive, and Slides etc. All of these apps can work seamlessly together and increase workplace performance considerably. Google provides a very holistic and minimal explanation to the uses of G Suite and how it will make everything in your workplace simpler and efficient. The G Suite introduction explainer video has been touted as one of the simplest yet effective explainer videos in the past decade or so.

Community Standards by Facebook:

This explainer video very clearly defines how important are community standards to Facebook. Through this video they wanted to impose that they have no leniency to things such as online bullying and harassing for their users worldwide. The overall theme of the video is that of inclusion and participation. Facebook wants its users to work along with them to make their social media platform a healthier and happier place. The aesthetic and design of the video is very appealing and offers a sense of inclusion to the viewers. The personal theme and aesthetic of this explainer video worked wonders and hence it is regarded as one of the most impactful explainer videos in recent times. Facebook is a community that wants to provide a familial environment to its users. Well the video works brilliantly on these aspects.

These are some of the most impactful and effective explainer videos in recent times and with these, we want to provide you an insight on how to execute your idea or vision with great impact on your users and consumers. Facebook and Google are giants of the business world and they understand how important it is to relate with their users and understand their needs. Their brilliant explainer videos act as great bridges between them and their users.

The best explainer videos are the ones that make you think and elucidate about a vision or an idea. Along with making your life simpler, they leave a seed into the minds of the viewer to think about their ideas and vision over time. Ideas are mellifluous and insightful. Sharing your ideas with the users is the best you can do as an organization. The onus is on you to share your ideas in an appealing and simpler manner to users for their participation. This is where an explainer video becomes your best friend.

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