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Animation educational videos provide a great opportunity for businesses throughout all verticals. Animation enables eLearning through providing content which addresses the audience’s concerns, attracting and appealing to the customers to expand their reach. As a leading educational video production company, Communication Crafts has produced numerous animated educational videos- so we know exactly what we’re talking about!

Animated educational videos are meant to educate a specific audience about the concerns, or problems being experienced- or could be just a general topic of interest – all while introducing your brand!

What an ideal animation education video offers:
– Sheds light on important questions and topics
– Delivers important information which adds value to the consumers
– Maintains relevancy in your videos
– Ensures the length of the video is short enough to keep the viewers engaged and long enough to provide crucial information.

Benefits of educational videos:

Become a reliable source!

When you teach your audience, you establish yourself as an authoritative and important source of information. A sense of credibility persists when a company leverages the access to important information. No matter what niche your information belongs to, your audience is bound to find your inputs valuable! In no time will your company will be crowned as an expert in the concerned subject matter!

Fosters loyal connection

A brand benefits tremendously through connections which are deemed as trustworthy and transparent by the audience. A brand educating and facilitating a learning experience selflessly builds a very reliable source of information- especially when your company’s goal is to solve problems to make the lives of consumers easier.

Increase conversions

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Building trust is a great facilitator of enriching conversions. When your brand is trustworthy people are bound to gravitate to the company for its products and services. It’s so much easier to nurture prospects and turn them into customers when your brand is credible and trustworthy!

Here’s how to make the best out of educational animated videos!

Choose the right topic

Sticking to what you know best is a great way to become a credible and reliable source of information. As an established company, you need to figure out your ideal audience and what appeals to your audience. Who are you speaking to? Are you telling them something they already know? Are you troubleshooting? Are you making your audience’s life simpler? What social media platforms are you planning to use?

These questions will help you focus on finding the right topic. The more questions you ask yourself about your audience, the better you’ll know what they want!

You can’t help someone if you don’t know anything about them or their problems. Thus providing solutions to your target audience enhances your connections with them!

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Get the right length

Getting the right video length might just vary on the topic you’re aiming to cover! Staying on track while including only relevant information should be kept in mind. Step by step guides are rather popular on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and are ideally impactful when kept short and sweet! Ensure you’re staying between the 2-5 minute timeline to make sure your audience is engaged and attentive throughout the video!

After that 5 minute mark, it’s known that engagement rates are dropped drastically! Being specific is the key, remove anything and everything that doesn’t add value to your video content!

Be crystal clear in your message

Education animations are known for being functional and informative- yet not boring. The goal should be to create a simple, easy-to-follow, and interactive script. To achieve that, keep instructions and definitions short and precise, following a logical order and flowing smoothly from one to the next. Refrain for being overly technical as it may be off putting. Break down the information in such a way that it is easily interpreted and understood by those who are merely beginners in the field. Focusing on relevant points while maintaining a smooth flow of information is essential for your audience. Use a conversational tone when you’re creating that awesome script.

Stay clear of any technical jargons that you use throughout the video

Happy scripting!

Check your video’s metrics

After crafting the perfect video, it’s equally important to check relevant insights. To ensure if your video is being watched by your audience, how long are they watching it for? How many people clicked on your video after seeing the thumbnail? Speaking of thumbnails, did you know the majority of the audience is intrigued to click the video solely because of the thumbnail?

Back to where we left off, insights provide trivial information regarding the overall performance of the video. Without knowing the feedback your progress on the next video might be hampered! What can you change? What can you keep? Answers like these and other scope of improvement can be answered through the feedback. Many video platforms enable free insights, metrics, average play rate, duration, and demographics, thus these insights should be used to avail benefits!

Animation education videos provide your business with a competitive edge. Communications crafts‘ highly skilled and trained video experts cater to your educational video production requirements while maximizing the impact. Key components include innovative, unique, interactive, and engaging video content that brings out the best output for business specific requirements. Communication Crafts leads in catering unique educational videos for kids that enhance your brand presence in the best way there is. Build a strong online presence with custom video maker service, strengthening communication, and engagement with your audience. With over 15 years of experience, our e-learning video makers also offer 24/7 support, along with brainstorming and troubleshooting at every stage of production.

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