5 reasons why animated explainer videos are important

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Brand connections are built through interactive processes, which are rightly fulfilled through animated explainer videos. With the constantly shortening attention spans, your company has less than a couple of seconds to grasp the attention and stick to the memory of your audience. All of this, while evoking emotions in your viewers and building a relationship. It’s proven, nothing works better than an animated explainer video! Animated explainer videos are probably the most powerful narrative form of displaying company values & even a product. With these videos, you can use the first thirty seconds to provide more value to a target audience than any other type of content. Animated videos for business can help your business stand out with a recognizable style. Originality can be truly captured through these videos as animation is hard to repeat or copy by other companies- thus standing out becomes a lot more possible. Let’s get real now, what can replace animated explainer videos? Nothing! Extraordinary, interactive, fun, simple, and easy-to-understand.

5 reasons why animated explainer videos are important

Animation creates a huge impact

It’s 2020 and people don’t like sales pitches or pushy promotion because it automatically creates pressure in the decision-making process. When you use an animated explainer video, you engage your audience with streamline storytelling, beautiful graphics and create just the right environment to facilitate interest in your brand. Animation takes away from the pressure created in the process, while introducing your product in a memorable way! When you capture your target audience’s attention, your main goal of creating an impact is fulfilled- rest will happen organically. Explainer videos manage to communicate your message at a personal level which facilitates a long term relationship between the customer and your brand! This emotional stimulation leads to greater benefits in the longer run!

They’re easily measurable

Apart from being cost-efficient, explainer videos are highly successful with 60% of ROI. This cost-saving marketing campaign, allows you to reach to the maximum audience while being able to track it! In order to measure out the success of your marketing efforts, it’s imperative to be able to track and analyze the results of these efforts. Luckily, animated explainer videos reach to your audience just as easily as they can be tracked! With platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, analytic tools enable you to access trivial viewer habits. For instance, you can track what part of video was most the watched, how many times your video has been shared, number of re-watches and basically all the viewership details imperative for understanding the success of your video. Adding to the free features, many of these platforms offer paid promotional services to monitor campaign performance.

Mobile friendly

Recent statistics suggest that videos make up 50% of all mobile online traffic and is expected to grow to 61% in the next two years, while smartphones hold up to 50% YouTube’s global watch time. This is bound to grow with passing time. Online companies are now shifting their focus to digital platforms, especially smartphones, to create impactful gains in the market. Mobile-friendliness is the right way to capture an untapped target audience. Animated explainer videos on social media platforms are easily shareable and can be viewed in optimal quality. Ask yourself this, how many times have you come across a really cool video on your Instagram feed and instantly shared it? The answer would mostly be quite frequently! The educational yet interactive nature of explainer videos make it the ideal content for mobile marketing.

Can go viral!

Blowing up on social media is more possible now than ever! With the constant virtualization due to social media, it’s almost mind-blowing where your video can reach! The quirkiness of animated marketing videos induce the urge to share it amongst people and friends. Not only are animated marketing videos a good example of creativity but they also get the job done of explaining a complex product in a simpler method! If you manage to create a unique, fun, and overall easy-to-resonate video, there are higher chances of your video being constantly shared and in turn, being viral while overall boosting your marketing efforts!

What more could you want?

Explainer video services are most sought after due to their compelling nature. Animated explainer videos enhance the overall marketing strategy while propelling other marketing efforts to a new height. Affordable and innovative explainer video services guarantee higher engagement along with boosted brand awareness. It’s tried and tested!

Communication Crafts has been a leading explainer video production company for over 15 years, leveraging high quality and effective animated explainer videos globally. Using appealing, unique, and snappy animations along with a customizable colour palette, your company can truly stand out with the right animated explainer video. The best explainer video production team by your side such as ours, your audience will resonate with the content being produced. It’s the truth, professionally created animated explainer videos reel in higher profits. Along with accelerated ROI’s, bespoke animated explainer videos also improve your brand’s visibility. Established explainer video company’s such as Communication Crafts will facilitate a wider scope for your company through animated explainer videos. Our highly skilled storytelling methods, expert animators, video producers, scriptwriters, and even project managers provide a seamless workflow for your very own animated explainer video!

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