Animated Explainer Videos: Why are they appealing to consumers?

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In terms of marketing in the 21st century, Video content takes the crown!

In the ever-increasing online clutter of lengthy articles, blogs and eBooks, video content seems distinguished and appealing to consumers. Business owners are looking for unique and innovative ways to reflect and present their brand’s personality and products.
And this is why Animated Explainer Videos are the ultimate solution!

Explainer videos have been gaining attention because of their versatile uses and benefits in marketing and conversion. 85% of consumers believe that they are more likely to purchase a product after watching an explainer video about it.

Because of its growing popularity, our video production experts created this guide to explain the meaning and efficacy of Animated Explainer Videos.

Let’s start by understanding the true meaning of an explainer video…

What is an Explainer Video?

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An explainer video is a short and concise video with versatile purposes with approximately 90-120 seconds duration, efficiently conveying the message of a business and describing products/services in an engaging, informative and simple manner.

A common format of an explainer video is animation due to its ability to instantly captivate the audience’s attention and provide quick solutions to their specific problems.

A Video Production Company can deliver animated explainer videos that can transform your idea and message into a plethora of visual representation and innovative communication. This visual creation is the ideal way to convey the depth and complexity of your business and deliver it to your audience. Animated explainer videos are developed with a carefully structured script, vibrant illustration, engaging and cutting edge animation and mellifluous voiceover.

The attractive and engaging qualities of such visual content easily explain the rising demand for animated explainer videos.

Why do businesses prefer explainer videos? In terms of creativity, animated explainer videos provide an empty canvas for you to display your brand’s image and personality. This format offers complete freedom of thought and expression that lets you present unique ideas and solutions to your audience.

With animated explainer videos, you can develop unique characters, well thought out scenes and dialogues, creative illustrations, and much more, the possibilities are truly endless!

Here are a few most-used examples of animated explainer videos:

Product/Service Explainer Video:

For describing abstract or intangible products, explainer videos are the way to go! Animated explainer videos can easily and efficiently explain your product’s validity and need. Explainer videos are especially effective for explaining all kinds of products and brands in a way that resonates well with your audience.

Here is one of the animated explainer video examples by Mediabank, a company that provides a cloud-based comprehensive database for publishers to upload and access Irish news content:

Raising Awareness:

With the combination of text, audio, video and animation, animated explainer videos are the perfect way to convey a specific message to a wide audience. Information conveyed through a “talking head” video is uninspiring and flavourless when compared to an animated explainer video.

Explainer videos can transform dull information into engaging and influencing content. Here is one of the animated explainer video examples by ACTT Med, spreading the importance of Alternating Current Treatment Therapy:

Summary of Reports and Pitching

An animated explainer video provides the perfect opportunity to make your business pitch or report summary memorable and engaging. It is an ideal way to deliver the overview of your brand’s message and product descriptions, effectively providing call-to-actions and beckoning your audience towards your brand.

Check out one of the animated explainer video examples by IPS, pitching their idea of providing end-to-end solutions for businesses:

Corporate Explainer Videos

Spreading your brand’s personality, goals and identity is of utmost importance. The abundance of web content and other formats of content on the internet makes it impossible for your message to stand out, hence a new approach is needed.

And this is where explainer videos shine!

Animated explainer videos give you the freedom to uniquely create a unified message in a video that you can add to your corporate website’s homepage and market through social media channels.

Check out one of the animated explainer video examples by SEDesk, uniquely and creatively explaining the use of their services:


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Why Explainer Videos are Effective?

Now that we have discussed the meaning and important uses of explainer videos, let’s dive deeper and understand why explainer videos are effective. Explainer videos are gradually becoming an integral part of video marketing for all types of businesses, let’s see why.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Explainer Videos are effective:

Let’s begin…

1. Videos > Other Formats:

Animated Explainer Videos 2

Currently, video is the king of all marketing formats. It is much more effective than text and audio content. Animated explainer videos aid the consumers in better understanding the business concept and products related to it.

According to studies, 92% of mobile users share videos and video content offers 95% of information retention.

This proves the efficacy of video content delivered through animated explainer videos. It is a well-established fact that consumers are more attracted to video content, and are more likely to stop and watch a video rather than read a promotional article. And that’s why video content is preferred by most businesses for marketing and promotional purposes.

The best explainer videos are short, easy-to-digest and concise, making it all the more effective and enticing for consumers.

2. Easily Sharable:

Video content is always easy to share and remarket. It is more convenient to share a video to explain a concept rather than marketing lengthy articles or eBooks and perplexing infographics.

Although an explainer video may not go viral, it exhibits the quality of being easy-to-share and easy-to-digest, letting business owners spread their brand’s message through video on all social media platforms.

3. To The Point Content:

Animated Explainer Videos 3

Long videos and lengthy articles result in a much higher bounce rate. Even going through text content, viewers tend to skim through it instead of reading it completely. And the same works for videos, consumers want content that provides the required information quickly.

The short and succinct format of an animated explainer video does the job perfectly, eliminating the need to scroll through websites or watch lengthy videos to get the needed information.

With an explainer video, you can provide the important bits of information in a creative and attractive manner.

4. Easily Describe your Products & Services:

Animated explainer videos are best-suited for demonstrating and describing the use cases of your products/services and simultaneously showing how they can be used as a solution to the specific problems of your brand’s audience.

A visual representation that emphasizes the value of your products and services.

5. Boost Conversion Rate:

Animated Explainer Videos 4

Animated explainer videos provide an engaging environment for your viewers, solving their problems and providing crucial information about your brand and products. This nudges your audience towards taking the desired actions – purchasing a product or hiring the services offered by your brand.

Many studies reveal that explainer videos persuade consumers towards buying or contacting the brand.

6. Cost-Effective:

Developing an animated explainer video is very pocket-friendly. With state-of-the-art technologies, high-quality and professional-looking videos can be easily made without making any serious hole in your business budget.

If you carefully choose a video production company, then you can get an explainer video that precisely conveys your business concept and delivers your message cost-efficiently, keeping your brand ahead of the competitors at all times.

7. Stay Ahead of the Competition:

Although the importance of explainer videos is well-established among business owners, many brands are still overlooking its benefits and opt not to make an explainer video for their brand.

Making an explainer video and marketing it throughout various media channels before your competitors, you can get ahead and stay ahead of the curve effectively, improving brand awareness and SERP rankings of your web pages.

This is an effective way of directing the consumers toward your brand.

8. SEO Capabilities:

Animated Explainer Videos 5

It is already well-known that adding videos to your web pages and content improves your SERP rankings significantly. And when you post authentic and original explainer videos with carefully focused keywords, it can work wonders and take your website to the top of SERP results.

Moreover, Google monitors the time users spend on your website or article to correctly judge the value of your content, and if viewers are stopping to watch a video, it improves the quality of your web page and improves SERP rankings even more.

According to studies, 76% of businesses claim that an explainer video increased their website traffic and 80% of promoters claim that it boosts the time users spend on the website.

9. Mobile Marketing:

Animated Explainer Videos 6

Consumers are getting more and more mobile-centric as the digital era is progressing. In M-commerce, users are inclined towards watching a quick video to understand a brand or product easily. Introducing explainer videos with perfect mobile accessibility keeps your consumers hooked throughout all devices, improving brand image and increasing brand awareness.

10. Enhances Consumer Experience:

Every business that has introduced explainer videos to convey its message has seen effective results. The best explainer videos always grab attention, increase organic traffic, convert leads and ultimately boost sales.

Video content in your marketing mix enhances the consumer experience and develops a strong brand community, improving conversion rate and ROI.

Final thoughts
After understanding the significance of animated explainer videos, I’m sure you can’t wait to add one to your marketing mix. There are many ways to share an explainer video – Add it to your homepage, add it on YouTube and other social media handles, etc.

All in all, explainer videos can precisely reflect the values of your brand and eliminate the need to explain your products repeatedly.
Video production experts can easily help you identify your target audience and the media channels, then develop an engaging, informative and appealing explainer video that resonates well with your audience and gets the desired results.

If you’re looking for smart and snappy explainer videos, feel free to contact us!

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