9 Animated Explainer Videos Benefits You Need To Know

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When your video strategy stops yielding the response that you planned for, it’s a good indicator to change things up. Often when you’re having a hard time getting leads or conversion, there could be many factors involved, from you not communicating your message clearly to using the wrong method to convey your message, to even not utilizing the right tools for the concerned platforms.

Everyone is skeptical when they visit different websites, right? It’s common to not get the point when you’re bombarded with monotonous text. But, you shouldn’t worry too much! Animated explainer videos are just what you need to convey your message. They’re a perfect amalgamation of fun, witty and clever ways to produce a video!

So what exactly is an explainer video?

Ever wanted to explain everything about your company within 90 seconds? Why 90 seconds though? Well, that’s how short our attention span is. If you answered yes, explainer video production is just right for you! It’s a quick and memorable way to tell someone everything they need to know about your company through the combination of audio and visuals. But don’t try to cramp up literally every single detail about your company within those 90 seconds! That’s a big NO! So limit it to the most important information that your viewer needs to take away. After all, you need them to keep coming back as well!

A perfectly crafted animated explainer video works wonders for your marketing campaign’s conversion rate.

Keep reading and we’ll lay out how.

Benefits of Animated explainer videos:

1. Grabs attention instantly

Text gets boring if your entire webpage is plastered with heavy information. But when you introduce a snappy and stylish animated explainer video, the amount of time your audience spends on your webpage skyrockets! Reading your homepage is informative but when the same information is conveyed visually, it strikes a chord with your audience! The longer they are engaged in your unique video, the longer they stay and explore your website. We call it an absolute win-win!

Wondering how to enhance your homepage video? Read this!

2. Perfect elevator pitch, every single time

There’s nothing more frustrating that having a lot to tell but not being able to convey it in a way that strikes the right chord with your audience. Yes, it can be difficult but we’re not saying it’s impossible! When you choose the right explainer video production partner, you create the perfect elevator pitch and you don’t even have to be present there! This can be used throughout your entire digital video campaign, from email, website, social media platforms, and many more. This way, not only do you enhance your media presence but you also leave an imprint on your viewer’s mind- have them take away just the right amount of information.

3. Enhanced Google search results

So, hear us out. Websites that contain videos are more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page. Now that you’re on the first page of their Google search, you’re more likely to attract a wider audience and achieve better results in SEO too. Your animated explainer video is 41% more likely to be clicked on than just any text link. An optimized video increases the chance of your brand being on the front page of a Google search engine result by 53 times!

4. Share-friendly

With the perfect pitch every time, you’re bound to share your exceptional animated video with the entire world! Videos are way easier to share than any other medium. You can upload your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various countless platforms! Just to give you an idea of how trending a video can be, Facebook sees more than 8 billion people watch videos every day! People love watching great content. Your video could be the next one!

Creating an awesome video is a great start. But by sharing it on social media platforms is whereas you gain the majority of your customers.

5. Great ROI

A study by Hubspot showed that 99% of current video marketers plan to continue using explainer videos in 2020, with 95% of marketers plan to increase or maintain their budget. Why is that? Because everyone loves watching an animated explainer video! People are more likely to buy your product or service when they see an animated explainer video.

When you get a great video produced, it’s bound to attract the masses and it’ll automatically get your sales to skyrocket. Take the example of Dropbox. The company spent $50,000 to narrate its story through a beautifully created animated explainer video. The results? 5 million new customers and $48 million in revenue! Just producing and posting a video isn’t the end of the process. We encourage you to make the best use of analytic tools and keep an eye on the real-time audience feedback.

6. Explainer videos are budget-friendly

Think about all the marketing strategies you have thought about implementing for your marketing campaign? Is it economically unviable? Well, not all of them and that’s completely okay. That’s where explainer videos come to play. Not only do they help get the message across effectively, they are also very easy to create and budget-friendly!

7. Gives the brand a professional vibe

Writing a blog or creating a video isn’t enough to convince your potential customers to buy your products/services. People need value in the brand- they want good worth for their money being spent. That’s why it essential to create great content that your viewers can resonate with. Most businesses realize that & hire the pros who know their way around creating effective content.

A professionally create explainer video can help your brand easily tap into the untouched customer base out there! Not only that but it makes your brand look more legitimate and trustworthy. And adding animation to the video would be the cherry on the cake! Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy watching great animation?

8. Show how your products make life easy

An animated explainer video is the best way to show how your products work to make your customers’ lives easy. These videos are very effective in educating the customers about the products, so much so that 90% of customers say that, explainer videos help them make the right decision with 64% of users more likely to buy products after watching an explainer video.

The more informed the customers are, the more satisfied they are with their choices. Entrusting confidence in your customers is the way to have a loyal customer base.

9. Satisfied customer testimonials

Unleash the power of testimonial videos! What better way than sharing a story of your customer’s personal problems and how your products or services turned out to be the most ideal solution to what they were looking for! Different customers sharing their unique experiences using your products, help people understand better what makes your company the right choice among your competitors.

Nothing beats a well-narrated story that keeps the viewer glued to their screen until the end. What better way than it coming from a customer’s testimonial explaining why? The better your story-telling, the better they’d be able to relate. Producing such a video testimonial can help convert your leads into actual profit for your business!

Strategically placing an animated explainer video on your website or landing page increases conversions by 80%! It also provides a better user experience which in turn provides more value to the customers. Better yet, repurpose your video content- 2 birds, 1 stone. Any established video production company can help with that.

Here are some worthy amazing explainer videos to check out!

That sums up the undeniable benefits of animated explainer videos in boosting business sales!

Creating an animated explainer video using video maker might not be as easy as it looks. More so, when you need to quickly get the video made. This is where we’ve got you covered!

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