5 Ways to Fix your Shot in Post-Production

By June 19, 2020March 7th, 2022Video Editing

Your post-production phase is probably one of the most important phases of your entire video production journey. Sure, without a good cameraman your shot is ruined, but without a good video editor, all your efforts can go in vain pretty quickly right in front of your eyes! No one would want that! We have all been at the awkward position of reviewing footage and realizing something’s off. With no option of reshooting, what would you do? You fix your video in the post-production process. Editing your shot in post-production shouldn’t just happen particularly when something goes downhill; make it work wonders to enhance the overall quality of your video every single time!

Why you must EDIT?

– Enables perfect flow
– Faster access
– Better sound
– Visual effects
– Smoother transitions
– Perfect timing

Here are 5 ways you can perfect your video in its post-production phase:

Fixing the bad audio

This issue takes the cake of being the most common issue if you go and ask any video producer you can find. Room noise, fluctuating audio, no audio being caught due to weak signal- literally anything can contribute to this. Adobe Audition has various tools that can help you fix your bad audio, but up to an extent. If there is no way to recover your audio, you can either reshoot it, dub audio, add audio effects to cover up or entirely replace the audio with subtitles! Improvisation is the key when there are no other alternatives left.

Stabilize your clips

Shooting with hand-held devices often results into shaky footage. Stabilization tools in your Editor are your best friend in this scenario. After Effects and Adobe Premiere offer resourceful warp stabilization tools. If you haven’t used them, you should explore the possibilities right away!

Settings to look out for:
– Smoothness
– Method
– Detail analysis

Fix the frame

It is okay for your shot to be a little imperfect at places, especially since the fix is so easy. A crooked, off-centered shot never hurt nobody! With Adobe Premiere’s Basic 3D tool, you can adjust between horizontal and vertical tilts like a pro!

Other settings to look out for:
– Perspective tools
– Rotation
– Position
– Scale

The ease of fixing does come with a catch. You’ll have to compromise on the resolution of your video. Just don’t scale it drastically and you’ll be good to go.

Adjust the exposure

There are often high chances you’ll end up with a footage that is either underexposed or overexposed. When you’ve caught yourself in an underexposed kind of situation, it’s a little easier to get out of compared to an overexposed situation.

Main settings for underexposed footage:
– Exposure
– Contrast
– Highlight
– Shadows
– Blacks
– Whites

With an overexposed footage, you can reduce the highlights and the whites. The rest of the magic will be done by tweaking and adjusting the contrast, shadows, and the blacks. As long as the editing is in moderation, you won’t notice noise in your image.

Removing something from a frame

It’s quite common for something unwanted to pop-up in your video and you’re left with no option but to edit it out. You can easily remove small elements like a loud logo from an outfit someone from your team is wearing in that company culture video. Just bring the still from your video to Photoshop, create a new layer, bring it to After Effects, and animate each file from the scene by using a mask on the layer. Adjust the position, scale, highlights, and shadows and then export it to Premiere! These steps will save you from the nightmare of reshooting.

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